MaskEX Global Held the Futurization of Urban Lifestyle Summit in Dubai, UAE

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PRESS RELEASE. The Futurization of Urban Lifestyle Summit was held in Dubai at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers on July 29, 2022. MaskEX Global — A well-known worldwide exchange, was the event’s organizer and sponsor.

Throughout this seminar, MaskEX engaged with like-minded people in an open and constructive dialogue about blockchain and flat digital assets, ranging from market analysis to technological innovations and current market trends.

During the entirety of this seminar, MaskEX participated in an open and productive conversation about blockchain technology and fiat digital assets with people who shared similar perspectives. The topics of discussion ranged from market analysis to technological innovations and current market trends.

Eric Yang, the co-founder of MaskEX, predicted that flat digital asset regulation will already cover almost the whole globe by the year 2022. He also said that since the train is continuously travelling across the world, it would finally be entirely recognised everywhere. The growth in the number of reputable exchanges, which is occurring at the present time, has a materially beneficial effect on the safety and security. In addition to this, they are entirely compliant with the requirements that are imposed by each country.

An experienced trader, Aniekan Udofia who has been invited to share the idea of “Securing Digital Lifestyle” and “Changing the Business landscape with Blockchain” He concluded that blockchain had the potential to profoundly affect the lives of future generations and bring in the digital age, and he said that anything may happen in a split second.

“I believe that Digital Lifestyle has come to the real world, and the MaskEX can brings the smart city to the UAE.” said Ernest Okechukwu, the second speaker of the seminar binging us to The Overview of Digital lifestyles and fundamental factors.

Professor Dr. Farhang Maghdeed has conducted Blockchain Technology research for decades. His perspective on the digital revolution has the potential to significantly alter the world monetary and financial system.

“International Payment • Capital Markets • Trade Finance • Compliance”

The majority of the guests interviewed for their views and insights on this Seminar believes that digital life will be generated sometime in the next few years.

Aside from bringing numerous industry professionals to offer their perspectives on the digital world, a notable mention during the speech was Eric Yang’s announcement that MaskEX Global is in the process of obtaining license for virtual assets with the Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (“VARA”) and Abu Dhabi Global Market (“ADGM”) in the United Arab Emirates.

Eric Yang deeply believes that MaskEX Global can bring the UAE into the new digital era.

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